Terms & Conditions


1.1 In this Schedule, unless the context otherwise requires:

  • Booking confirmation means a booking record that generates a confirmation number from Conferma and creates a record in the Conferma database.
  • Booking amendment means a change in an existing Conferma booking record. Such amendments may include, but are not limited to, date, price, name and accommodation provider.
  • Booking cancellation means the submission of a cancellation message to a booked property through the Service.
  • Direct Connect Supplier means a third party service provider of a service or services to Conferma.
  • Global Distribution System ("GDS") means a worldwide computerised reservation network used as a point of access for the procurement of travel-related services.


2.1 Conferma will provide access to a web-based corporate hotel booking system operated under the name "Hotel Booker" ("the Product"), via a Customer specific URL ("the Service").

2.2 The Service is a hosted solution providing access to GDS and direct connect suppliers.

2.3 The Service provides the Customer with the ability to manage all booking content back into their automated process.

2.4 The Service operates on a password protected access process and provides the ability for the Customer to manage multiple Corporate Clients within a single booking process.

2.5 The Service provides access to a proprietary, managed, global, geo-coded hotel database.

2.6 The Service provides the ability to search for and query properties by multiple search criteria and within specific business logic parameters defined by the Customer.


3.1 The Customer agrees to only access the Service in accordance with the Service user documentation provided by Conferma.

3.2 The Parties must agree in writing the communication responsibilities and relevant costs in respect of payment instruction.


4.1 Making a booking. A hotel booking will not be made until the Customer receives a confirmation number from Conferma. Conferma acts solely as a booking agent intermediary for the Customer and not an "organiser" for the purposes of the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 and the contract for hotel accommodation, once concluded, will be between the Customer's corporate client and the relevant hotel and also, for third party quoted hotels, between the corporate client and the Customer, and the Customer must ensure that this is understood and accepted by the corporate client. The terms applicable to each booking will be the terms of the relevant hotel and it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that its corporate clients have read these terms and have indicated their acceptance.

4.2 Booking confirmation. Once a booking confirmation has been generated the Customer is liable for payment of the transaction fee even if the booking is subsequently cancelled.

4.3 Booking amendment. Once a confirmation number has been issued by Conferma, amendments may be made to that booking where a hotel allows this functionality. Where the booking details are amended through the Service, any additional costs or fees will be detailed to the Customer. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that its corporate clients have read these terms and have indicated their acceptance.

4.4 Booking cancellation. A hotel booking may be cancelled only if the relevant hotel permits cancellation and any cancellation terms of the hotel will apply. If a booking cancellation is permitted Conferma is entitled to charge a cancellation fee. No booking cancellation will be effective until a cancellation number is received from Conferma.

4.5 Customer registration. Each Customer must register to use this Service with Conferma, at which point a Customer Universal Resource Locator (URL) will be allocated to the Customer. The licence to use this Service is the sole property of the Customer and the Customer will not be entitled to transfer in any way, the whole or any part of this licence to any other person or organisation without Conferma's prior written consent.

4.6 Authorised access. Conferma will assume that any person who uses a Customer's or corporate client's logins and passwords to make a booking or cancellation using this Service is entitled to do so on behalf of that Customer and/or the corporate client (s), and Conferma will create a user reference for each session in which a user accesses this Service ("User Login"). It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that each of its authorised users and its corporate client's authorised users keeps their logins and passwords confidential and secure and that they are not used by any other person. I t is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that its authorised users and its corporate client's authorised users understand and comply with the relevant parts of these terms and conditions.

4.7 Customer policies. If a Customer wishes to make its own booking or Service policies and procedures available to its authorised users or its Corporate Client's authorised users of this Service (or wishes to update an existing policy or procedure), the Customer must provide a full copy in a format approved by Conferma. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that the policy/ies are appropriate, adequate and comply with applicable laws and Conferma will act as a conduit in making them available through the Service. The Customer agrees to indemnify Conferma against all costs, claims, expenses and damages arising out of any third party claim that such policies and/or procedures are inappropriate, inadequate and/or do not comply with applicable laws. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that its Agents are aware of and comply with the Customer's policies and procedures.

4.8 Hotel information. Conferma has not made any checks to verify any of the information available about a particular hotel and Conferma will have no responsibility for the accuracy of the hotel details or facilities or for the quality of hotel or services provided by the hotel. Star and quality ratings are not always consistent in different countries and Customers should seek separate confirmation of quality from its own source.

4.9 Prices. Prices may be quoted in different currencies and each price may or may not indicate whether VAT or similar duty is to be added. Conferma reserve the right to change prices on this website at any time, however, this will not affect the price of any booking that has already been confirmed. Conferma does not guarantee that the price for any booking is the cheapest possible price.

4.10 Additional hotel services and amenities. The provision of meals, additional hotel services, amenities and ancillary services are not included in the price unless expressly stated otherwise.

4.11 Payment. Payment of the amount displayed on screen is due and payable on departure from the hotel, or as defined in the rate description. Where required the Customer shall record the corporate client's payment details accurately at the relevant point in the booking process upon making a booking on behalf of that corporate client. If the hotel makes a charge for a cancelled booking, it is the responsibility of the Customer and/or the customer to ensure that the appropriate refund is made and received.

4.12 Corporate Client Data. Where the Customer provides Conferma with information utilised in or related to the booking confirmation, amendment or cancellation process, Conferma takes no responsibility for ensuring that this information is accurate, valid and of an appropriate nature.

4.13 Content Access. Where the Customer wishes to have access to third party content, the Customer is obliged to enter into and maintain a separate contract with that third party. Any issues arising between the Customer and the third party are solely a matter between them, and Conferma shall have no obligations or liabilities to the Customer or its Corporate Clients in relation to the subject matter of, or performance under such agreements.

4.14 GDS Scan Fees. Where the Conferma booking tool utilises the Customer's GDS to obtain inventory or write back information, all scan costs are the responsibility of the Customer and fall within the exiting contractual relationship between the Customer and their GDS.